Rhinestone Design Pet Harness


Rhinestone Design Soft Mesh Nylon Dog Pet Harness with Leash Set
Dog harness set made of premium breathable air mesh fabric, adopts innovative no-choke design to protect pet's fragile trachea and throat with comfortable padding around the neck opening. Rhinestone design makes your dog look sweet and adorable. 


- Color: Red.
- Material: Polyester and Nylon.
- Size S: 35-51cm (Chest; 35-51cm (Neck);120 x 1.5 cm (Leash);
- Size M: 42 x 58 cm (Chest); 42-58cm (Neck);120 x 2.5 cm (Leash);
- Size L: 54-70 cm (Chest); 54-70 cm (Neck);120 x 2.5 cm (Leash);
- Easy and convenient to wear.
- It offers a comfortable control when walking your pet.