CURREN Men's Quartz Wrist Watch

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CURREN 8091 Round Dial Tungsten Steel Band Men's Quartz Wrist Watch with Calendar (Black)
The CURREN 8091 is composed of tungsten steel watch band and stainless back case, and adopts advanced quartz movement to provide precise time. 
Display calendar for showing hour, minute and second. Waterproof design and high quality, 


- Brand: CURREN.
- Model: 8091.
- Color: Black.
- Material: Tungsten steel, stainless steel.
- Adopts advanced quartz movement to provide precise movement and keep good time.
- 12 stripes and 3 pointers on the round dial to show the time.
- Calender display on the round watch dial.
- Stainless steel back case.
- Battery is included.
- Living waterproof design (Not for swimming or diving).
- Durable structure, multifunctional design and comfortable to wear.  
- Simple and fashion design, suitable for all occasions.