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Fitness and Health

At various stages of life we realize that we really need to get out there and participate in some sort physical activities for not only our physical health, but to also aid our mental health.

Major birthdays are always a great trigger, as we do not tend to dismiss them as we would say 37 or 48 years of age. The big 40 or 50 make us aware that we are no longer immortal and time is overtaking us.

There are so many avenues out there today that we can explore on the quest for a physical activity that we can not only enjoy, but can fit into our busy schedules.

Not everyone can find a suitable gym in their local area, that does not intimidate them on first walking through the door. If you are relatively new to the gym environment, I can advise after first hand experience that it takes time and commitment to go on a regular basis and complete a workout routine.

It is a great advantage to find a workout buddy, who may be at a similar fitness level as you and you can then encourage each other. There are also trainers in all gyms, and I would recommend that you at least try to have a couple of training sessions to start with, so that you can see if this type of exercise is for you.

I have been very lucky as I have met some amazing people at our awesome local gym who have taken me under their wing, so to speak. They push me hard, but also encourage and make our work out sessions so much fun.

For all of you out there who are now exclaiming in horror that the gym is not for you on so many levels, I am 57yrs old and work out with people in their 30s and 40s.

Don't despair at this point, as the gym is one of many forms of exercise I can recommend. Watch this space........!
Written by Lyndsie J Price


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